Why is Life Coaching an Important Part of a Treatment Plan?

Life coaching is an integral part of a treatment plan because it helps individuals develop skills and habits needed to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

When combined with talk therapy and micro current neurofeedback, life coaching serves as an effective tool to help our patients move through treatment faster than if only one form of treatment was used on its alone.

Micro current neurofeedback helps pinpoint specific areas that should be discussed in talk therapy. Talk therapy is used to dig deeper into these specific areas. Life coaching focuses on teaching tools for building healthy habits to use in the real world.

Our life coaching program is comprised of two components:

#1 Building a strong foundation for peak performance

The first component of our life coaching program focuses on self-care to prepare the body and the minds for peak performance with minimal stress. This includes obtaining adequate sleep, regular exercise and eating healthy foods.

#2 Mono focusing on goal(s)

The second component of our life coaching program involves mono focusing on particular goals the patient wishes to achieve. These goals may range from:

  • Relationships with money.

  • Career ambitions.

  • Gaining control over panic attacks.

  • Family systems.

  • Building healthy relationships.

  • Getting out of toxic relationships.

  • And more.

Our treatment program is effective because our wraparound services fill in service gaps that traditional forms of treatment currently have. Our team of an in-house therapist, life coach, dietitian and psychologist, combined with our technology (micro current neurofeedback), are all offered under one roof, leading to long-term, sustained success in a shorter amount of time.

Learn more about our services here or contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you start living your best life, today.


About GUTS OC:

We combine mental health services and state-of-the-art technology to help our patients obtain long-term results faster. Our specialties include therapy, micro current neurofeedback and life coaching. Our evidence-based approach has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families who have sought our help over the past 22 years. Our trained specialists are committed to educating & empowering our patients with the skills and mindset to live successful, happy lives.

GUTS OC is based in Tustin, CA but provides services to all of Orange County through in-person sessions and/or virtual therapy sessions via phone, chat or video.

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