What Are Some Alternative Treatments for ADHD Medication?

Though ADHD medications can be an effective treatment for many children, they aren’t necessarily a good fit for everyone. Some side effects may include:

  1. Withdrawal/anti-social behavior

  2. Fatigue

  3. Poor sleep habits

  4. Loss of appetite

The good news is that ADHD medication is not the only treatment option available. Though there is no “one-size fits all” treatment plan, finding the right combination of treatments can help effectively manage ADHD symptoms.

Below are some options that can serve as alternative or supplemental treatments to ADHD medications:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT Therapy) This form of therapy helps identify and change potentially self-destructive or problematic behaviors with the idea that all behaviors are learned and unhealthy behaviors can be changed.

It is more effective when the entire family participates in these sessions to create a supportive home environment to manage ADHD symptoms.

Micro Current Neurofeedback This noninvasive treatment option aims to change a child’s behavior by measuring and correcting their brain waves with an electroencephalograph or EEG. The device detects five types of brain wave: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. Some research shows that individuals with ADHD have elevated theta waves and lower beta waves. Micro current neurofeedback does not just read the brain waves, it actually corrects the incorrect brainwaves, reducing the symptoms of ADHD.

Food and Nutrition Therapy Certain types of foods may play a role in affecting your child’s ADHD symptoms. Experts recommend any food or drink that is good for the brain is also likely to be good for a child with ADHD.

Consider a high-protein diet, complex carbohydrates and more omega-3 fatty acids.

Avoid any simple carbohydrates, such as candy, corn syrup, sugar, products made with white flour or white rice.

Working with a nutritionist may be very helpful as different foods affect individuals in different ways. It is best to consult with a professional before experimenting with changing diets, particularly for children.

Meditation & Mindfulness Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help reduce your child’s stress and anxiety, which often prevent your child from managing their ADHD symptoms.

Figuring out the right treatment plan for your child’s unique needs may take some time as well as some trial and error. It may seem overwhelming, and as a parent you may not know where to start.

At GUTS OC, Inc., we specialize in working with families with a child or young adult who have ADHD. We offer all the treatments mentioned above as part of our full, wraparound program for individuals who are struggling with ADHD.

Our team includes a therapist, brain stimulation specialist, clinical psychologist and a personal chef. What is unique about our program is we combine the latest technology and mental health services to help our patients get long term results faster.

Navigating this journey may seem daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help. Learn more about our services or contact us to schedule a consultation today.


About TrU Wave Psychology:

We combine integrated psychology and brainwave technology to pinpoint problem areas in the brain for faster, accurate, more effective treatment and healing of mental health challenges, symptoms and serious trauma. As pioneers and leaders in micro current neurofeedback technology, our team possesses unique expertise that stems from nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. Our unique combination of brainwave technology, customized therapy, life coaching and skill building has lasting, positive effects on clients, allowing them to experience symptom relief more quickly, perform at their highest level and live healthier lives.

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