How We Treat PTSD in Sexual Assault Survivors

PTSD is a common side effect of sexual assault or sexual abuse. If left untreated, PTSD can have negative impacts on a survivors’ future happiness and health. Over the past 22 years, we have found great success in treating PTSD in sexual assault victims. Our treatment plan incorporates 4 key components:

#1 Micro Current Neurofeedback

This non-invasive, painless technique causes brief stimulation to the nervous system and allows the brain to “reset” itself. Micro current neurofeedback allows sexual assault survivors to discuss their trauma without becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

Micro current neurofeedback causes a calming effect to allow the patient to process, discuss and move past their trauma. This technique is more efficient when paired with therapy because it relieves headaches, foggy thinking and confusion by providing a more balanced mood and clearer thinking.

#2 Combining Micro Current Neurofeedback with EMDR

Pairing micro current neurofeedback with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the highest researched psychological treatment for treating PTSD, allows us to move the patient out of the fight, flight or freeze stage quicker and more efficiently.

EMDR therapy accesses and processes traumatic memories to relieve distress, reformulate negative beliefs and reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

#3 Sexual Assault Support Group

By being part of a sexual assault support group, survivors are able to meet in a safe environment with individuals who are processing the same feelings they are working through. The group can support one another to move past the denial, guilt and shame they feel; they help each other understand what happened to them wasn’t their fault. The group dynamic also provides positive peer pressure to help them delve into issues they typically avoid due to PTSD

#4 Teaching New Skills

We focus on teaching sexual assault survivors new skills to replace self-sabotaging, unhealthy behaviors that often revictimizes them over and over again. The new skills focus on moving survivors through the fight, flight or freeze reactions that often follow PTSD. In combination with group, sexual assault survivors are able to practice their new skills in a safe and trusting environment before utilizing them in the real world.

GUTS OC has been treating, empowering and helping sexual assault survivors for the past 22 years. Our story and our mental health care model began with treating two children who had been severely sexually abused.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, remember, what happened to you is not your fault. We are here to help and you can move past this trauma and live a happy, healthy life. We are ready to take this next step with you when you are. Contact us for a consultation today:


About TrU Wave Psychology:

We combine integrated psychology and brainwave technology to pinpoint problem areas in the brain for faster, accurate, more effective treatment and healing of mental health challenges, symptoms and serious trauma. As pioneers and leaders in micro current neurofeedback technology, our team possesses unique expertise that stems from nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. Our unique combination of brainwave technology, customized therapy, life coaching and skill building has lasting, positive effects on clients, allowing them to experience symptom relief more quickly, perform at their highest level and live healthier lives.

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