Can Bone Broth Help Your Brain?

The knowledge that bone broth is a healthy part of human’s diet has dated back centuries. It wasn’t until recently this ancient diet became a part of a modern trend that has swept over our Facebooks and Instagrams. These statements are not without merit. Bone broth is better for you then a vitamin. Find out why:

That’s right! Bone broth is good for noggins and other nimble body parts.

One of the oldest remedies known to mankind – bone broth has a documented history that reaches as far back as the 12th century.

Back then an Egyptian physician by the name of Moses Miamonides prescribed bone broth as a cure for respiratory ailments such as asthma and the common cold.

In mid-eighteenth century France, innkeepers would dole out bowls of broth (which they referred to as ‘restoratifs’) to weary travelers as a way to revitalize them for the next leg of their journey.

These restoratifs actually gave rise to the word restaurant: a place to restore one’s health, strength, and energy.

It may seem strange to sip on a mugful of broth all day…but when you look at the health benefits, you’ll want to try it for yourself. Here’s what bone broth has to offer:

Immune support: The bones break down as they simmer, discharging an army of immune-boosting elements: The bone marrow releases myeloid and lymphoid stem cells – the building blocks of white blood cells (the ‘fighter’ cells that protect you from infections and viruses).

The bones themselves will slowly dissolve, allowing an extremely high concentration of essential minerals (such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc) to infuse the liquid.

The collagen that breaks down to thicken the broth plays a fundamental role in wound-healing, and helps your body rebuild itself.

Brain Function: Bone marrow happens to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which have been clinically proven to improve overall brain function.

Bone broth also contains large quantities of an amino acid named glycine, which helps to promote mental alertness, improves memory, and can even reduce stress.

Digestive Health: Bone broth can also help relieve a wide array of gastrointestinal problems, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac disease, and leaky gut syndrome.

The gelatin that’s released from bones actually works to heal damaged tissues in your intestinal lining – providing relief from chronic diarrhea, constipation, and even certain food sensitivities.

Bone broth can also: Enhance the quality of your skin/hair Protect your joints Improve overall sleep quality Strengthen bones …and so much more.

Consider bone broth a snack, an immune booster, and an energy drink all rolled into one.

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