Trouble Sleeping? Here are Some Tips to Get A Good Night's Sleep and Catch Some Zzzs

Sleep Protocol

- Pick a time for bed (i.e. 10pm)

- At 10pm each night turn off all the lights and get into bed.

- Prior to getting into bed, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, take meds.

- At least 1 hr prior to bed turn off all electronic devices. No t.v., phones, computers, or tablets.

- Turn on wave music, or white noise

- Stay in bed for a least 2 hours, if you cannot fall asleep at this time. Get up, walk around, drink a small glass of water, stretch and come back to bed. Even if you are not sleepy, continue this pattern. What is important is teaching your body that this is bed time.

- Set alarm for 8 hours later (adjust depending on how much time you need to sleep) and wake up at this time every day possible. Yes, this means no sleeping in for a while.

Repeat this protocol for a minimum of three weeks to create a habit for your body.


The bed is for sleeping and (for adults) sex only. Do not watch movies in it, do not read in it.

Do not take naps during the day, this will obstruct the conditioning process.

No caffeine or stimulants after 2pm

If you choose to take melatonin, Benadryl, or other sleep aids, take 30 mins before lights off

This should reset your natural body rhythm and teach your body what sleep is. Sleep is no long a natural response, but a conditioned response due to the high levels of activities we do with unnatural lighting.

Products to help with resetting your rhythm:

-Wear blue light blocking glasses for all screen use (tablets, phone, computer) beginning at 2pm. Can be purchased on Amazon

-White noise machines are available. Use only for sleeping.


About TrU Wave Psychology:

We combine integrated psychology and brainwave technology to pinpoint problem areas in the brain for faster, accurate, more effective treatment and healing of mental health challenges, symptoms and serious trauma. As pioneers and leaders in micro current neurofeedback technology, our team possesses unique expertise that stems from nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. Our unique combination of brainwave technology, customized therapy, life coaching and skill building has lasting, positive effects on clients, allowing them to experience symptom relief more quickly, perform at their highest level and live healthier lives.

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